Nice to Meet You.

I’m Jessie—a journalist from the Midwest.

I used to think I wanted to be a vet, biologist, designer or a judge—it changed all the time. It hit me that I really didn’t want to be any of those things every day, but that through a career in journalism, I could immerse myself in a number of topics that interest me.

I’ve developed a serious obsession with telling stories and helping other writers do the same. My passion has allowed me to fall into the world of design, hungry restaurateurs, sweaty NFL players, beautiful survivors, philanthropic endeavors, politicians and gardeners. I’ve also fallen for community and the people from every walk of life who simply make things happen. My eyes are open to the stimulants that make a city tick.

These are all things that interest me and make me wonder as a journalist what I get to learn today? Let’s talk. 


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